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Lithuanian beer: New from Volfas Engelman

This time we decided that Lithuanian brewery Volfas Engelman deserves a mention in our blog. Recently they released a limited edition line called Tastes of the World (Pasaulio skoniai) which currently includes only two examples: an IPA and a witbier. There will undoubtedly be more to come, so we’ll be keeping an eye out. The […]

Danish beer: Mikkeller Vesterbro Wit

One day we were doing some pre-winter cleaning in our beer cellar (yup, we have it, in a wider sense of this word), and found some forgotten brews. Does it happen to anyone else? You buy beer on a shopping spree (who else has beer shopping sprees, raise your hand!), put it away for better […]

Lithuanian beer: Sakiškių alus

It’s been only a few months since a new Lithuanian micro brewery Sakiškių alus started operating, and already they’ve presented five different brews (with at least 2 more on the way). Before going commercial, the duo behind Sakiškių alus have been active members of the home brewing community, so to call them newbies in the beer […]

Japanesee beer: Hitachino Nest Vol. 2

Japanese beer is back in our glasses! We were impatient and excited to taste the rest of the Four Little Owls brewed in Kiuchi Brewery. So, let’s not waste our breath (and word count) – just get on with tasting… …starting with White Ale. Style: Witbier ABV: 5.5% Appearance: Hazy yellowish body with a white fluffy fast-settling head. The […]

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