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Lithuanian beer: The Winter Edition

Yup, the winter is here and it won’t be leaving for another two to three months. Several months of gloom and cold. But alcohol makes a lot of things better, so we decided to compile a list (mind you, it’s not comprehensive, there are some brews we haven’t tasted yet, so no complaining!) of wintery […]

Lithuanian beer: Bitter Disappointments

…or, alternatively, new (hideous) brews that we drank so you won’t have to. Or, who brewed it worse. We’re not sure, but we’re pretty pissed at new offerings from Lithuanian breweries Volfas Engelman and Švyturys. One is a supposedly Belgian pale ale called Flandrijos Pinta and the other one is a fruit beer Crimson Cherry. […]

Lithuanian beer: Gluh Marzen from Švyturys

A while ago, Lithuanian brewery Švyturys presented their cinnamon infused Marzen to honour one of their staple brews, Baltijos. The latter has been around for 50 years, so, naturally, such an occasion called for  something special. The beer, called Gluh Marzen, is sold in pretty 0.75 l bottles but isn’t outrageously expensive. We tasted this […]

Lithuanian Wheat Beers, ranked

BAM! It’s summer! Which means it’s now time to chill, grill and fill ourselves with glorious refreshing beer. And when we say ‘refreshing’ we actually mean ‘wheat beer’. When done the right way, a wheat beer can be wonderfully full, filling, yet fruity and refreshing. Hefeweizens and witbiers are perfect accompaniments to summer. That’s why […]

Lithuanian beer: Švyturio Juodas

Recently, Lithuanian brewery Švyturys had a new addition to their so-called Traditional Collection. With weizen, marzen and pilsner already on the shelves, the brewery decided it’s time to offer a stout. And there we have it — a stout uninspiringly called Black (Juodas). We bought a couple of bottles to try and see if it […]

Švyturys “Korio”

Recently, one of the largest Lithuanian breweries started following the suit of smaller brewers and began offering one or two new brews each month. In March they presented J. W. Reincke, a lager, and at the end of April a honey lager named Korio became the newest addition to brewery’s so-called traditional collection. Švyturys presented this beer as […]

Švyturys J.W.Reincke

This year, one of the largest Lithuanian brewing companies Švyturys celebrates its 230th birthday. A new beer called J.W.Reincke (named after the first brewery owner) was released to commemorate this occasion. This beer appeared in shops very silently, without media campaigns or advertisements, which was a bit unusual for Švyturys. The beer’s label has a simple design, but it’s different […]

Švyturys 20 statinių

A month ago one of the largest brewing companies in Lithuania, Švyturys, presented a new limited edition stout/porter – “20 statinių” (20 Barrels in English). This beer was aged in Bunnahabhain whiskey barrels for three months. These barrels came from Isla island, Scotland. “20 statinių” has a very solid appearance. Bottle has only a small label […]

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