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Hawaiian beer: Kona Brewing Company

Never before has there been such a wide array of foreign brews in Lithuania. With new brands entering the market every few months it’s becoming more and more pleasant for a beer drinker to live here, in this small and beautiful country. One could easily drink different beer every night and not get bored for… […]

Polish beer: Browar Warmia

Oh, Poland… We love you but we keep missing the chances to taste some of your craft beer. Either the stores are closed or we spend our time somewhere in the woods on the shore of one beautifully green lake. Not too long ago we did just that — spent a couple of days chilling […]

Canadian beer: Three Brewskis

We’re pretty sure we’ve already declared our love for Canada and everything Canadian here on this blog, but we’ll use this chance to make it really clear: Canada is awesome. When our interest in beer was just budding, Canadian brewskis cemented this idea and ideal of great beer. Of beer interesting and sometimes crazy and unexpected, but […]

Spanish beer: Barcelona Beer Company

This time we’re treading down south, all the way to the Iberian peninsula. From the coastal city of Barcelona comes craft beer brewed by Barcelona Beer Company. Previously, Lithuanians had little exposure to Spanish beer (the only exception was Damm brewery). But now, thanks to importers Prohibicija, we can be better acquainted with a wine country that […]

Lithuanian beer: Kalifornikacija from Genys Brewing Co.

Lithuanian beer scene is alive, with more and more small breweries standing up to challenge the big ones and, of course, us, beer freaks, geeks and average lovers. It’s a great time to be a beer drinker in Lithuania. We have a lot of good imported stuff, we have great pubs in the largest cities […]

Lithuanian beer: Sakiškių alus

It’s been only a few months since a new Lithuanian micro brewery Sakiškių alus started operating, and already they’ve presented five different brews (with at least 2 more on the way). Before going commercial, the duo behind Sakiškių alus have been active members of the home brewing community, so to call them newbies in the beer […]

Lithuanian beer: Pale Ale Vėjų Niekadėjų

Summer is upon us and breweries, naturally, want us to drink more beer. You know, to quench our thirst and feel refreshed. What better way to do that than with a light pale ale, infused with refreshing Citra hops and some Mosaic to make the beer a bit edgier? Lithuanian brewery Raudonų Plytų Alaus Dirbtuvės […]

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