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Lithuanian beer: Winter brews from Dundulis

This year Dundulis stayed true to their tradition and, just before Winter solstice, introduced their traditional seasonal brews: Juodaragio (gruit with yarrow) and Devyniaragio (braggot with pine buds and propolis). These two didn’t make it to our wintery beer overview (and what a shame it is!), so we’re in a hurry to write at least […]

Lithuanian beer: Sakiškių alus (again)

Lithuanian brewery Sakiškių alus tends to appear on our blog more or less constantly and just because they are quite productive. Recently they pimped their facilities hoping to brew even better beer and ensure constant production quality.  And a couple of weeks back the brewers introduced some new interesting brews that will be the focus of […]

Lithuanian beer: New from Volfas Engelman

This time we decided that Lithuanian brewery Volfas Engelman deserves a mention in our blog. Recently they released a limited edition line called Tastes of the World (Pasaulio skoniai) which currently includes only two examples: an IPA and a witbier. There will undoubtedly be more to come, so we’ll be keeping an eye out. The […]

Lithuanian beer: New from Vilkmergės alus

Lithuanian brewery Vilkmergės alus (a daughter company of Kalnapilis)* has been churning out one new beer after another. So we’ve been waiting to taste all the new beers before writing a more thorough and coherent entry on their achievements. Vilkmergė has actually gone a bit rogue and now offers some brews only on tap and only […]

Lithuanian beer: Bitter Disappointments

…or, alternatively, new (hideous) brews that we drank so you won’t have to. Or, who brewed it worse. We’re not sure, but we’re pretty pissed at new offerings from Lithuanian breweries Volfas Engelman and Švyturys. One is a supposedly Belgian pale ale called Flandrijos Pinta and the other one is a fruit beer Crimson Cherry. […]

Lithuanian beer: New(ish) from Sakiškių alus

It’s been a while since we wrote something about Lithuanian brewery Sakiškių alus and through no fault of theirs. On the contrary, they have been as busy as ever (currently touring Europe), producing one beer after another. But we decided to accumulate several beers and make one larger tasting session and, accordingly, a longer entry. Please […]

Lithuanian beer: Antras Planas from RPAD

Keeping with their tradition to brew beer for events/companies/bands, etc. Lithuanian brewery Raudonų Plytų Alaus Dirbtuvės (RPAD for short), have launched a new brew called Antras Planas (Background in cinema speak). This one is dedicated to Vilnius Film Festival Kino Pavasaris and, according to the brewers, listened to movie soundtracks while it was fermenting. You […]

Lithuanian beer: Magistra by Dundulis

Lithuanian brewery Dundulis is at it again — their new brew Magistra has just arrived on tap and in bottles and all the sensual teasing they’ve been doing has certainly peaked our curiosity. At first they refused to give out its name or style. Then, slowly, it appeared that their newest creation is, in fact, […]

Lithuanian beer: New from Butautų Dvaro brewery

With new players emerging in Lithuanian beer scene and old players trying to offer something new (even if sometimes their efforts are a bit misguided), brewers just can’t take a break. Take, for example, Butautų Dvaro brewery. They’re not one of the big players in the field, but their name is quite well-known and, if […]

Lithuanian beer: Kalifornikacija from Genys Brewing Co.

Lithuanian beer scene is alive, with more and more small breweries standing up to challenge the big ones and, of course, us, beer freaks, geeks and average lovers. It’s a great time to be a beer drinker in Lithuania. We have a lot of good imported stuff, we have great pubs in the largest cities […]

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