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Hawaiian beer: Kona Brewing Company

Never before has there been such a wide array of foreign brews in Lithuania. With new brands entering the market every few months it’s becoming more and more pleasant for a beer drinker to live here, in this small and beautiful country. One could easily drink different beer every night and not get bored for… […]

Canadian beer: Three Brewskis

We’re pretty sure we’ve already declared our love for Canada and everything Canadian here on this blog, but we’ll use this chance to make it really clear: Canada is awesome. When our interest in beer was just budding, Canadian brewskis cemented this idea and ideal of great beer. Of beer interesting and sometimes crazy and unexpected, but […]

Lithuanian beer: New from Butautų Dvaro brewery

With new players emerging in Lithuanian beer scene and old players trying to offer something new (even if sometimes their efforts are a bit misguided), brewers just can’t take a break. Take, for example, Butautų Dvaro brewery. They’re not one of the big players in the field, but their name is quite well-known and, if […]

Lithuanian beer: Two from Volfas Engelman

We’ve been somehow neglecting Kaunas based Lithuanian brewery Volfas Engelman here on our blog. And we’re not really sure why that happened. We try to stay on top on their newest products, but they usually don’t make it to our reviews. Not this time! This time we’re gonna write about two of their recent brews — […]

Lithuanian beer: Friedricho alus

There is a place in Klaipėda called Friedrich’s arcade. Located right in the center of the city, this place has it all — a tavern, a pizzeria, a restaurant, a guesthouse, a winery, etc etc. Now this cluster of food and entertainment has its own beer — Friedrich’s beer. When we first heard of it, […]

Lithuanian beer: Mr Hops

Everyone and their mother seem to be eager to jump on the ‘craft beer’ bandwagon. Lithuanian breweries are no exception. However, their attempts are often scoffed by us, beer snobs and geeks and overall beer lovers. Because a beer produced by a large — and we mean LARGE — corporation shouldn’t be called ‘craft beer’. […]

South Korean beer: Hite

You know how it sometimes goes – you go out searching for some oysters and champagne to kick off 2015 in style, but end up with a bottle of Hite and soju. Allow us to explain: Korean culture, food or beverages are a complete unkown to many many people in Lithuania (for example, everyone knows […]

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