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Lithuanian beer: Winter brews from Dundulis

This year Dundulis stayed true to their tradition and, just before Winter solstice, introduced their traditional seasonal brews: Juodaragio (gruit with yarrow) and Devyniaragio (braggot with pine buds and propolis). These two didn’t make it to our wintery beer overview (and what a shame it is!), so we’re in a hurry to write at least […]

Lithuanian beer: The Winter Edition

Yup, the winter is here and it won’t be leaving for another two to three months. Several months of gloom and cold. But alcohol makes a lot of things better, so we decided to compile a list (mind you, it’s not comprehensive, there are some brews we haven’t tasted yet, so no complaining!) of wintery […]

Lithuanian beer: Magistra by Dundulis

Lithuanian brewery Dundulis is at it again — their new brew Magistra has just arrived on tap and in bottles and all the sensual teasing they’ve been doing has certainly peaked our curiosity. At first they refused to give out its name or style. Then, slowly, it appeared that their newest creation is, in fact, […]

Lithuanian beer: Dundulis Kurko [update]

New is always good, right? That’s why we went out of our way to taste Kurkas — a red rye ale brewed by Dundulis. It was produced for the upcoming spring/summer as a refreshing drink to end your day. Let’s see just how refreshing a rye beer can be! Style: Rye Beer ABV: 5.5% Appearance: Hazy tea-brown body […]

Lithuanian beer: Devyniaragio from Dundulis

Right before the winter holidays, Lithuanian brewery Dundulis gave the best gift imaginable — a new beer! Well, it’s not exactly new new, however, it’s the newest rendition of their seasonal gruit (although this one, it seems, is also slightly hopped, so we’re not sure about style this time) that will, according to the brewers, […]

Lithuanian beer: New IPA Duda from Dundulis

Well, technically, it’s not only Lithuanian beer, since Dundulis collaborated with Belorussian craft brewers Brew Team on this one, but if we wrote all of this in the title, it would be far too long and, therefore, ineffective. So, here we have a Lithuanian-Belorussian IPA called Dūda (Pipe, as in a musical instrument). Collaborative brews are always exciting, […]

Lithuanian beer: Viržinis from Dundulis

Personally, we like it when beer tells a story. Be it an unsuccessful attempt to buy Polish craft beer in Warsaw or an ecstatic tête-à-tête with amazing Italian brews — it’s always fun when beer has some context, some backstory. Viržinis, a Lithuanian-made gruit with heather, has a special place in our beer-soaked hearts. And […]

Lithuanian beer: Smoked Saison and Juodaragio from Dundulis

Lithuanian brewery Dundulis is back again! This time we tasted their annual tradition — an ale with juniper berries called Juodaragio — and a completely new smoked saison. While their usual saison is good enough, these guys decided to step up their game and infused it with smoked malt and some peppers. So this time […]

Baltic beer: Smoked Amber Ale The Baltic Way

Yup, you read it right — this time it’s a Baltic beer! This year, three Baltic craft breweries — Dundulis from Lithuania, Malduguns from Latvia and Tanker from Estonia — joined hands to create a unique and special brew. The beer is dedicated to The Baltic Way, a live human chain that extended from Vilnius […]

Lithuanian beer: Cyrulis Pils by Dundulis

We’ve already expressed our love for Dundulis brewers (and more than once!), so it should come as no surprise that we always always do everything possible to taste their new brews. Luckily for us, Klaipėda has a pub called Herkus Kantas. Luckily for Klaipėda, Herkus Kantas is quick to offer everything that’s new and hip in […]

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