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Trappist beer: Zundert

A couple of months ago Lithuania received an addition to its (yet meager) Trappist beer selection, Zundert, courtesy of Alaus Gidas. But before we start dissecting it yeast by yeast (hur), let’s talk about Trappist beer in general and what makes it so exceptional and revered, even. Trappist monks (and nuns!) branched out of Cistercian […]

Belgian beer: Westvleteren 12

Ah, yes, the mythical and highly sought-after beer that is often touted to be the best beer in the world — Westvleteren 12. Brewed by monks in Saint Sixtus Abbey in Vleteren, Belgium, this quadrupel is truly a holy grail for all beer geeks and freaks. It is produced since the beginning of World War […]

Lithuanian beer: Bitter Disappointments

…or, alternatively, new (hideous) brews that we drank so you won’t have to. Or, who brewed it worse. We’re not sure, but we’re pretty pissed at new offerings from Lithuanian breweries Volfas Engelman and Švyturys. One is a supposedly Belgian pale ale called Flandrijos Pinta and the other one is a fruit beer Crimson Cherry. […]

Belgian beer: Straffe Hendrik Quadrupel

Choosing what beer to drink on New Year’s Eve was a tough decision to make, since we, as it appears, have loads of great brews in our ‘cellar’. But since we decided to try Jam Session, a Lithuanian brewed quadrupel, it was sort of natural to choose another quadrupel, so we could make some comparisons. […]

Belgian beer: Mort Subite Witte Lambic

After the spring trip to Belgium, our cellar is still stacked with various Belgian beers. Most of the bottles are special-occasion-only, but there are some casual beers, too. Like this lambic from Mort Subite. We bought it on a whim after visiting the brewery and didn’t expect much from it, mostly because their sweet kriek […]

In Belgium: Beer and more beer

Belgium is a real paradise for any beer lover. Naturally, our vacation in Belgium quickly turned into beercation. From pubs to beer shops and breweries — we wanted to visit everything. Everything! However, time was not on our side, so we made do with ‘less is more’. As it turned out, this rang very true in Bruges […]

In Belgium: Toer de Geuze 2015

Guys, we had a short beercation in Belgium!!! Woot woot! Now, we have to backtrack a little and explain our over-the-top excitement. Actually, we’ve been planning this trip for two years. Buuut at first we couldn’t find a dog sitter, then all kinds of happy and sad family events happened. So this year we said […]

American beer: Celis White Witbier

Bread’n’Beer got this American-made interpretation on classic Belgian witbier in Riga back in June. We’ve patiently waited to try it. Really patiently… And now the time has come to taste it and rate it. We must admit, when it comes to certain beer styles, our expectations are always very high. And witbier, of course, is no […]

Belgian beer: Cuvee des Trolls

Cuvee des Trolls was one of our “blind” selections. It’s just that we like Belgian beer in general, as it almost always promises something exciting. This blonde promised just that – but did it deliver? Let’s see! ABV: 7,0% Appearance: clear bright yellow body with white fluffy head. Aroma: distinct malty sweetness and fruitiness. Taste: malty start with […]

Belgian beer: Corsendonk Pater

Last autumn, while en-route to Vilnius, we had a layover in Brussels. What do beer geeks do in the land of lambics, dubbels, and tripels when they only have a couple of hours? Yup, buy ALL the beer in the nearest duty-free airport shop. Well, truth be told, we only grabbed a bottle of kriek […]

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