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Drinking beer in Japan: successes and challenges

“It’s like crack!” – declares a group of Americans, walking away from one particular stand at Tokyo Craft Beer Festival 2017 held in Ebisu Garden Hall. It’s time for last call at the event, and after 3.5 hours of intense beer tasting we’re forced to come back to reality… which isn’t as pretty as one might […]

Beer Week in Korea: When One Festival Is Not Enough

We spent 30 days in South Korea eating delicious food, drinking beer (in various degrees of deliciousness), enjoying sights and visiting markets. And at the end of that month, we visited two beer festivals in Seoul, because one is apparently not enough. Not when you’re a Korean, because they tend to go all out. Why […]

Winter Beer Festival Žmogšala 3: Great Beer, Great People

This past weekend, the third annual winter beer event Žmogšala took place in Vilnius, Lithuania. We were forced to skip the first two events, so this year we were eager and determined to finally make it to Žmogšala 3. We can’t compare how it evolved over the years, but it sure is getting bigger. Some were […]

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