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Labietis: A Very Latvian Brewery

This post has been long time in the making but we wanted to be thorough and tell about Latvian brewery Labietis as much as possible. Why? Because it’s awesome. It’s unique. It offers modern, cosmopolitan brews with an unexpected ethnic twist (we feel that the same could be said about many Latvian things). We had […]

Canadian beer: Three Brewskis

We’re pretty sure we’ve already declared our love for Canada and everything Canadian here on this blog, but we’ll use this chance to make it really clear: Canada is awesome. When our interest in beer was just budding, Canadian brewskis cemented this idea and ideal of great beer. Of beer interesting and sometimes crazy and unexpected, but […]

Spanish beer: Barcelona Beer Company

This time we’re treading down south, all the way to the Iberian peninsula. From the coastal city of Barcelona comes craft beer brewed by Barcelona Beer Company. Previously, Lithuanians had little exposure to Spanish beer (the only exception was Damm brewery). But now, thanks to importers Prohibicija, we can be better acquainted with a wine country that […]

Latvian beer: Malduguns

Time to visit our neighbors, eh? Latvian craft beer has been on the rise lately, and the last couple of years brought us, beer drinkers & lovers, an influx of quality Latvian brews. Forget Aldaris, let the new generation of brew masters come forth! And this generation is full of ambitious home brewers turned professionals. This means […]

Lithuanian beer: New from Volfas Engelman

This time we decided that Lithuanian brewery Volfas Engelman deserves a mention in our blog. Recently they released a limited edition line called Tastes of the World (Pasaulio skoniai) which currently includes only two examples: an IPA and a witbier. There will undoubtedly be more to come, so we’ll be keeping an eye out. The […]

Polish beer: Komes Porter

Wow, there’ve been a lot of Lithuanian brews on our blog recently. So this time we decided to change things up a bit (since more Lithuanian content is on its way) and publish a review of Polish Komes Porter. We tasted this beer a couple of months ago but just couldn’t find the time (or […]

Lithuanian beer: New from Vilkmergės alus

Lithuanian brewery Vilkmergės alus (a daughter company of Kalnapilis)* has been churning out one new beer after another. So we’ve been waiting to taste all the new beers before writing a more thorough and coherent entry on their achievements. Vilkmergė has actually gone a bit rogue and now offers some brews only on tap and only […]

Lithuanian beer: Bitter Disappointments

…or, alternatively, new (hideous) brews that we drank so you won’t have to. Or, who brewed it worse. We’re not sure, but we’re pretty pissed at new offerings from Lithuanian breweries Volfas Engelman and Švyturys. One is a supposedly Belgian pale ale called Flandrijos Pinta and the other one is a fruit beer Crimson Cherry. […]

Lithuanian beer: New(ish) from Sakiškių alus

It’s been a while since we wrote something about Lithuanian brewery Sakiškių alus and through no fault of theirs. On the contrary, they have been as busy as ever (currently touring Europe), producing one beer after another. But we decided to accumulate several beers and make one larger tasting session and, accordingly, a longer entry. Please […]

Latvian beer: a Quartet from Cēsu Brūža

This will be a story about conventional beer. No big risks, no groundbreaking revelations, just plain ol’ faceless commercial beer at its best (or worst?). We picked up these four Latvians from Cesu brewery on January 1st in a grocery store that was crazy enough to work on the New Year’s day. Or were we crazy […]

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