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Belgian beer: Westvleteren 12

Ah, yes, the mythical and highly sought-after beer that is often touted to be the best beer in the world — Westvleteren 12. Brewed by monks in Saint Sixtus Abbey in Vleteren, Belgium, this quadrupel is truly a holy grail for all beer geeks and freaks. It is produced since the beginning of World War […]

Švyturys 20 statinių

A month ago one of the largest brewing companies in Lithuania, Švyturys, presented a new limited edition stout/porter – “20 statinių” (20 Barrels in English). This beer was aged in Bunnahabhain whiskey barrels for three months. These barrels came from Isla island, Scotland. “20 statinių” has a very solid appearance. Bottle has only a small label […]

Tahitian beer: Hinano

Another exotic catch from Luxembourg – Tahitian beer Hinano. Apparently, this is an internationally recognized premium lager (or so their website says). Actually, prior to tasting we had no idea of what to expect from a beer from such an exotic faraway land. The lovely lady on the label is called vahine (or wahine), which […]

Argentine beer: Quilmes Cristal

One particular Luxembourgish store called Auchan has a wide selection of imported beers. A couple of such brews found their way to Bread’n’Beer. First off – Argentine beer Quilmes Cristal lager. We only guess that it is Cristal based on the label. The bottle we had only said “imported” and “Argentina’s favourite beer”. ABV: 4,9 […]

When in Rome

As we’ve mentioned earlier, back in November we had a chance to roam the streets of eternal Rome. We won’t get into detailed account on enchanting alleys, amazing fountains or picturesque parks. Rome is Rome, it is ancient and wonderful and spectacular and what not. It’s obvious we liked the city, isn’t it? No, that’s […]

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