This year Dundulis stayed true to their tradition and, just before Winter solstice, introduced their traditional seasonal brews: Juodaragio (gruit with yarrow) and Devyniaragio (braggot with pine buds and propolis). These two didn’t make it to our wintery beer overview (and what a shame it is!), so we’re in a hurry to write at least a short review.

Juodaragio, a 6.66% ABV gruit


Appearance: Hazy chocolate-coloured body with a low creamy brownish head.

Aroma: Yarrow all the way! Plus, a hint of breadiness somewhere in the distance.

Taste: It is dominated by yarrow, but the herb was added with a sure hand — not too much, not too little, just the right amount. The malty sweetness and herby/hoppy bitterness create a beautiful duet. There’re also some hints of cocoa.

Mouthfeel: A well carbonated beer with a long lasting aftertaste.

Notes: Very well-balanced beer that is both firm and gentle, just like a good lover. We wanted to keep on sipping it, but couldn’t ignore its companion.

Devyniaragio, a 9% ABV braggot


Appearance: Semi-opaque dark amber-coloured body with a tall porous fast-settling head.

Aroma: Honey, of course! Accompanied by pear skin and gingerbread spices. Sweet and very nice.

Taste: Contrary than one would expect, the taste is not only sweet. It’s got honey, obviously, some gingerbread spices and the fruity sourness of propolis. And the strong malty backbone helps every note stay in its place.

Mouthfeel: Medium carbonation, long-lasting aftertaste.

Notes: This one is gentle, too, but has a stronger kick to it. It’s subtle, yet multilayered. A braggot done right. Ignė, a professional disliker of honey, was particularly surprised that mead ale can be so tasty. She liked this one so much that she didn’t want to share it with no one!

Disclaimer: We had these brews on 01-01-2017