Lithuanian brewery Sakiškių alus tends to appear on our blog more or less constantly and just because they are quite productive. Recently they pimped their facilities hoping to brew even better beer and ensure constant production quality.  And a couple of weeks back the brewers introduced some new interesting brews that will be the focus of this review.

First up is Coconut Milk Stout (4.7%), infused with, you guessed it, coconuts and vanilla.

Sakiškių alus

Appearance: Dark brown, almost black body with a low brownish head.

Aroma: Chocolate coconut coffee. Or better yet, Bounty, but the better one, with dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.

Taste: It is loaded with coconuts! Just a hint of vanilla, though. The coconut and roasted malts blend very well. It surely is liquid Bounty (again, the better one).

Mouthfeel: The bottled version seemed like it could use more creaminess. The carbonation was a little too strong here but we haven’t had the chance to taste this beer on tap.

Notes: Despite the issue with carbonation, this is a lovely brew. Very coconuty, very chocolatey. If you like Bounty (the red one, people, only the red one is delicious!), go for this beer.

The second one is an even more interesting combination of gin and IPA — Gin & Tonic IPA (5.1%), brewed in collaboration with Distilerija, a trendy bar-eatery in Vilnius. Gin is making a come back in the international scene and Lithuanians are hot on the heels of this ginrevolution. Sakiškių alus and Distilerija decided to infuse beer with gin spices and citrusy hops, creating an interesting (in theory at least) fusion drink.

Sakiškių alus

Appearance: Semi-opaque copper coloured body with a tall off-white head.

Aroma: Fantastic, really pleasant! It’s got juniper berries, it’s got peppery notes, bay leaves, citrus fruit. Nice combination.

Taste: All of the above and even more explode in the taste. The beer is more mellow on the hop front, making room for all the spices to shine. But here’s the thing — bay leaves combined with allspice and creamy texture reminded Ignė of one dish, a sort of tomato aspic that her mom used to make years ago. While she loved the aspic, this impression certainly sullied the beer. Paulius, on the other hand, liked it and had no similar uninvited taste memories.

Mouthfeel: Rather creamy, mushy even.

Notes: It’s an intense brew and we can imagine people either raving about it or putting it aside after the first sip. We actually like these sort of ‘love-it-or-hate-it’ flavors; the stranger and funkier they are, the better.

Disclaimer: We had these brews on 24-08-2016