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Moko Maukas – the latest creation of Dundulis brewers

Dundulis brewers presented a limited edition beer brewed with an ancient mashing technique. Moko Maukas was mashed with stones. They were heated up and put into the thick mash to increase its temperature.

Moko Maukas is a complex multi-layered beer with sharp sweetish/malty aroma and hints of sour apples and alcohol. It has a brownish hazy body with low head. Appearance is perfectly in synch with mouthfeel, thick and sticky. This isn’t a session beer, yet on a cold autumn or winter evening it would be just the thing needed.

Dundulio Moko Maukas Label

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ABV: 6,8%

Appearance: Malty sweetness and clayey notes in the aroma. Slight sourness (similar to that of fresh green apples), hints of alcohol.

Aroma: Brown-to-copper colour, hazy. The head is off-white and short lived.

Taste: Sweetness is the first to hit (malt, some caramel), then comes fruitiness and slight sourness, followed by light carbonation with a hint of hops, and finally – warming alcohol.

Mouthfeel: Beer leaves us with a light alcohol and malty finish and just bearly a hint of hoppy bitterness. Medium-to-full bodied, rather thick.

Notes: It’s an aromatic, multi-layered, complex beer. It is rather well balanced albeit a bit too thick and sticky.

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