When it rains, it pours — this has been very true for us for the last few months. After summer came to end, we (fools!) believed we’d finally have time. You know, to hunt for beer, to taste, savor and write some reviews. But the works kept pouring in, forcing us to stall our beer activities for a while. We still like beer and drink it, but not as actively as before. Those of you who follow us on Untappd (here and here) might have already noticed that our beer drinking days are few and far between, and our choices are somewhat… boring. We blame this on the lack of time and energy to find, taste and review beer, least of all making an effort to take a picture.

Luckily, we were saved from that boredom by a couple of brews we picked up from Vilnius back in September. During a short visit, we went to Smagus Raugas/Happy Brew, each picked up a bottle and only later realized that they’re from the same brewery – Denmark’s To Øl. It’s a shame we can’t write a more thorough post about the brewery itself and more of its products. But at least a short introduction will suffice for now. Enough yapping, let’s get tasting!

to ol

Mr. Pink, a 4.7% ABV Beliner weisse with lychees and guavas

Appearance: Semi-opaque gold-coloured body with a tall fluffy whitish head that left beautiful laces.

Aroma: Instant and intense. Grapefruit peel, mangos and other exotic fruit create a perfect and tantalizing cocktail.

Taste: Fruity sourness hits first and hard. All the different fruit just dance around in your mouth, leaving in their wake nice citrusy bitterness.

Mouthfeel: Powerfully carbonated, with a long lasting taste.

Notes: Holiday in the Caribbean? In the Maldives? In Tenerife? It doesn’t really matter, because this is a fruity kick in the face, masterfully tamed by malts. An excellent fruity beer.

to ol

Baltic Frontier, a 6.5% ABV IPA with juniper and sea buckthorn berries

Appearance: Murky brown body with orange tints and a tall off-white head that also left beautiful traces.

Aroma: Hops are the first to show themselves, followed by juniper berries. It’s an herby, foresty aroma, very pleasant, with a hint of saltiness.

Taste: Strictly speaking, we wouldn’t call it a superb IPA. But as a beer that transcends style guidelines, it is a great brew. Very complex, with interesting transitions from berry-like sourness to a short burst of malts and lingering bitterness. The latter is intense and combines hops and juniper berries.

Mouthfeel: Appropriately carbonated, with a long-lasting taste.

Notes: Again, a very interesting beer. But we’re suckers for multilayered brews and beer infused with herbs/spices/wild berries. We liked the rawness this beer offered and suggest taking it slow with this one. Sip, enjoy the taste changing, experience the nature contained in one small bottle.

Disclaimer: We had these brews on 28-10-2016