A farmhouse ale and an IPA? What is this magic? But trust Mikkeller to mash these styles together and throw in some passion fruit for good measure. That’s how they got Mastodon Mother Puncher. But will it blend?Well, it sure does. And spoiler alert: as far as Mikkeller IPAs go, this one is mellow as hell.

Style: IPA
ABV: 6.5%

Appearance: Hazyish coppery, dark amber body with a white porous long-lasting head.

Aroma: Sweet and fruity, with slight hoppiness.

Taste: It’s like a reverse IPA! It starts off bitter and hoppy and ends on a sour and puckering note (thanks to brettanomyces). And then, at the very end, a touch of citrus zest.

Mouthfeel: It has a nice round body. Carbonation shows itself at the very end. Long-lasting aftertaste.

Notes: Though the sourness seems very sharp at first, as you continue sipping the beer, it sort of settles down, replaced by mellow bitterness. Overall, it’s like a vacation in the tropics – refreshing, but sharp, with lots of exotic fruit. We were quite impressed.

Disclaimer: We had this beer on 23/02/2016