We’re pretty sure we’ve already declared our love for Canada and everything Canadian here on this blog, but we’ll use this chance to make it really clear: Canada is awesome. When our interest in beer was just budding, Canadian brewskis cemented this idea and ideal of great beer. Of beer interesting and sometimes crazy and unexpected, but great nonetheless. So when Lithuanians started importing production from a couple of Canadian breweries, we got excited and grabbed this threesome during one of the visits to Kaunas. We weren’t as ecstatic after the tasting session, though. These brews are on the average side and there’s only one that we’d honestly drink again.

Let’s start with the lightest of them all, a 5.0% ABV lager Barking Squirrel from Hop City.

canadian beer

Appearance: Brown body with reddish tints and a barely-there head.

Aroma: Weak, with burnt sugar and fruit notes.

Taste: Caramel-like sweetness with just the tiniest hint of hops.

Mouthfeel: Dry, highly carbonated.

Notes: It’s an interesting take on a lager but that’s the only good thing we can say about this brew.

Now let’s hop on to Boundary pale ale from Moosehead with 5.3% ABV.

canadian beer

Appearance: Clear amber-coloured body with a tall and fluffy off-white head.

Aroma: So weak. We could feel the caramel somewhere far away, but that’s it.

Taste: Malty, with a nice balance of bitterness.

Mouthfeel: Well carbonated, with medium lasting aftertaste. Quite dry.

Notes: It’s an empty beer about nothing. Sure, it’s a quality beer, but more an everyday ale. If you’re looking for something like this, give this moose a try.

And last, but not least is Hopbot IPA from the same Hop City with 7.1% ABV.

kanadietiškas alus

Appearance: Clear copper-coloured body with a low white head.

Aroma: Has some sweetness to it, but overall very hoppy, a real tropical feast.

Taste: The malts disappear quite quickly, replaced for a moment by flowers and fruits. Then comes the hoppy bitterness in all its glory. Mosaic shines right through everything.

Mouthfeel: Long-lasting aftertaste, well carbonated.

Notes: A well-balanced quality IPA that gives the hops their rightful chance to shine. We’d pick it up again and yes, you guessed it, this was the one Canadian brewski that left the best impression (this time, of course).

We will be waiting for more Canadian production to hit the shelves here in Lithuania. After all, drinking at home is much cheaper than buying plane tickets to Toronto…

Disclaimer: We had these brews on 21-05-2016