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In Belgium: Beer and more beer

Belgium is a real paradise for any beer lover. Naturally, our vacation in Belgium quickly turned into beercation. From pubs to beer shops and breweries — we wanted to visit everything. Everything! However, time was not on our side, so we made do with ‘less is more’. As it turned out, this rang very true in Bruges […]

In Belgium: Toer de Geuze 2015

Guys, we had a short beercation in Belgium!!! Woot woot! Now, we have to backtrack a little and explain our over-the-top excitement. Actually, we’ve been planning this trip for two years. Buuut at first we couldn’t find a dog sitter, then all kinds of happy and sad family events happened. So this year we said […]

Lovely spring in Luxembourg

This spring half of Bread’n’Beer travelled to the lovely little country of Luxembourg, cosily nestled among France, Belgium and Germany. Thanks to certain job requirements it has been the fifth visit to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg over the last couple of years. So, the city of Luxembourg was pretty much familiar by now, and […]

When in Rome

As we’ve mentioned earlier, back in November we had a chance to roam the streets of eternal Rome. We won’t get into detailed account on enchanting alleys, amazing fountains or picturesque parks. Rome is Rome, it is ancient and wonderful and spectacular and what not. It’s obvious we liked the city, isn’t it? No, that’s […]

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