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Drinking beer in Japan: successes and challenges

“It’s like crack!” – declares a group of Americans, walking away from one particular stand at Tokyo Craft Beer Festival 2017 held in Ebisu Garden Hall. It’s time for last call at the event, and after 3.5 hours of intense beer tasting we’re forced to come back to reality… which isn’t as pretty as one might […]

Beer Week in Korea: When One Festival Is Not Enough

We spent 30 days in South Korea eating delicious food, drinking beer (in various degrees of deliciousness), enjoying sights and visiting markets. And at the end of that month, we visited two beer festivals in Seoul, because one is apparently not enough. Not when you’re a Korean, because they tend to go all out. Why […]

Hawaiian beer: Kona Brewing Company

Never before has there been such a wide array of foreign brews in Lithuania. With new brands entering the market every few months it’s becoming more and more pleasant for a beer drinker to live here, in this small and beautiful country. One could easily drink different beer every night and not get bored for… […]

Lithuanian beer: The Winter Edition

Yup, the winter is here and it won’t be leaving for another two to three months. Several months of gloom and cold. But alcohol makes a lot of things better, so we decided to compile a list (mind you, it’s not comprehensive, there are some brews we haven’t tasted yet, so no complaining!) of wintery […]

Labietis: A Very Latvian Brewery

This post has been long time in the making but we wanted to be thorough and tell about Latvian brewery Labietis as much as possible. Why? Because it’s awesome. It’s unique. It offers modern, cosmopolitan brews with an unexpected ethnic twist (we feel that the same could be said about many Latvian things). We had […]

Winter Beer Festival Žmogšala 3: Great Beer, Great People

This past weekend, the third annual winter beer event Žmogšala took place in Vilnius, Lithuania. We were forced to skip the first two events, so this year we were eager and determined to finally make it to Žmogšala 3. We can’t compare how it evolved over the years, but it sure is getting bigger. Some were […]

Oh, Christmas beer!

The festive season is upon us, and in preparation for all the holiday cheer (and beer!) Lithuanian beer store chain Gero Alaus Parduotuvė offered us, beer lovers, a chance to taste some seasonal brews. We took that chance and ran with it! Come on, who can say no to spiced ales? Now, what comprises a […]

One-on-one with Mikkeller

Let’s talk about Mikkeller! The trademark and its brews are somewhat like a phenomenon in the world of beer. For those who already know Mikkeller, it’s like a telltale sign, telling what awaits at the other end of the glass. For those new to the world of beer, Mikkeller’s brews might be shocking or even too heavy […]

Stouts & Porters: A Tasting Session

Winter is coming. Pardon the lame reference, but it is an undeniable truth. And is there a better way to while away those long dark evenings than a glass of dark and thick beer? Dark and thick basically screams stout/porter, so in preparation for the cold months a beer shop in Klaipėda held a stout […]

Lithuanian Wheat Beers, ranked

BAM! It’s summer! Which means it’s now time to chill, grill and fill ourselves with glorious refreshing beer. And when we say ‘refreshing’ we actually mean ‘wheat beer’. When done the right way, a wheat beer can be wonderfully full, filling, yet fruity and refreshing. Hefeweizens and witbiers are perfect accompaniments to summer. That’s why […]

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