There’re two of us behind this blog – Paulius & Ignė, a beer loving married couple from Lithuania. That love for beer led us to start writing this blog. Paulius wrings out ideas and takes photos, while Ignė does her magic with words (and gifs).

Paulius My appreciation for beer began in earnest some 9-10 years ago, when business trips used to take me to various foreign cities and I found out how wonderfully diverse the international beer scene is. Spurred by that appreciation I began not only tasting beer or collecting various paraphernalia (like antique bottle openers or coasters) but also brewing it. I brewed my first batch 6 years ago. I‘ve already brewed more than 60 different beers, although I can’t really say how much I’ve tasted I lost count at 376.

Ignė Before Paulius appeared in my life, I neither liked nor appreciated beer. I can only smile now when I remember one summer day after my exam session at uni when I decided to treat myself to a bottle of… Carlsberg. You see, then I was but a naive student who thought that a beer so popular must be very tasty. Thankfully, now I know better! My next goal is to get that beer & food pairing down to a t.