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Drinking beer in Japan: successes and challenges

“It’s like crack!” – declares a group of Americans, walking away from one particular stand at Tokyo Craft Beer Festival 2017 held in Ebisu Garden Hall. It’s time for last call at the event, and after 3.5 hours of intense beer tasting we’re forced to come back to reality… which isn’t as pretty as one might […]

Beer Week in Korea: When One Festival Is Not Enough

We spent 30 days in South Korea eating delicious food, drinking beer (in various degrees of deliciousness), enjoying sights and visiting markets. And at the end of that month, we visited two beer festivals in Seoul, because one is apparently not enough. Not when you’re a Korean, because they tend to go all out. Why […]

Trappist beer: Zundert

A couple of months ago Lithuania received an addition to its (yet meager) Trappist beer selection, Zundert, courtesy of Alaus Gidas. But before we start dissecting it yeast by yeast (hur), let’s talk about Trappist beer in general and what makes it so exceptional and revered, even. Trappist monks (and nuns!) branched out of Cistercian […]

Hawaiian beer: Kona Brewing Company

Never before has there been such a wide array of foreign brews in Lithuania. With new brands entering the market every few months it’s becoming more and more pleasant for a beer drinker to live here, in this small and beautiful country. One could easily drink different beer every night and not get bored for… […]

Lithuanian beer: Winter brews from Dundulis

This year Dundulis stayed true to their tradition and, just before Winter solstice, introduced their traditional seasonal brews: Juodaragio (gruit with yarrow) and Devyniaragio (braggot with pine buds and propolis). These two didn’t make it to our wintery beer overview (and what a shame it is!), so we’re in a hurry to write at least […]

Lithuanian beer: The Winter Edition

Yup, the winter is here and it won’t be leaving for another two to three months. Several months of gloom and cold. But alcohol makes a lot of things better, so we decided to compile a list (mind you, it’s not comprehensive, there are some brews we haven’t tasted yet, so no complaining!) of wintery […]

Belgian beer: Westvleteren 12

Ah, yes, the mythical and highly sought-after beer that is often touted to be the best beer in the world — Westvleteren 12. Brewed by monks in Saint Sixtus Abbey in Vleteren, Belgium, this quadrupel is truly a holy grail for all beer geeks and freaks. It is produced since the beginning of World War […]

Danish beer: a few words on To Øl

When it rains, it pours — this has been very true for us for the last few months. After summer came to end, we (fools!) believed we’d finally have time. You know, to hunt for beer, to taste, savor and write some reviews. But the works kept pouring in, forcing us to stall our beer […]

Irish beer: The Foxes Rock

One day about a couple of months ago we were doing our regular grocery shopping and saw these four little foxes just staring at us. They were luring us, saying all kinds of inappropriate stuff, basically just seducing us right there, in the middle of the shop. We finally gave out and brought them home. […]

Lithuanian beer: Sakiškių alus (again)

Lithuanian brewery Sakiškių alus tends to appear on our blog more or less constantly and just because they are quite productive. Recently they pimped their facilities hoping to brew even better beer and ensure constant production quality.  And a couple of weeks back the brewers introduced some new interesting brews that will be the focus of […]

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